Orientation Flights


O-FLIGHT PROGRAM MOTTO: Safe, Fun, Educational

The #1 reason cadets join Civil Air Patrol is to fly. To motivate them to achieve in the Cadet Program, fly them regularly. It is because of the flying program that CAP is able to accomplish its other goals in leadership, fitness, and character. At our squadron, we try to get new cadets up into the air as quickly as possible after joining. However, in order to fly, there are requirements that need to be met before you can get into the air, so if you want to fly, work with your flight sergeant and flight commander to get these completed!

Items required BEFORE Request for O-flight

  1.  A complete CAP Form 60-80 (formerly CAP Form 32)
  2.  A complete ABU/BDU uniform (Blouse, Pants, Name tapes, Boots, Cover)
  3.  You need to be Safety Current 
  4.  Complete all Entry Level Exams
  5.  You will need to let 2d Lt Artie Breunig know your CAP ID, Current Grade, Body Weight, your parents cell phone and email address


  1.  You will need to have completed the above items
  2.  You will meet up at LIG HQ, 1600 Lincoln Ave Holbrook NY, 15 minutes prior to your flight time
  3.  You will have reviewed CAPP 52-7 (Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus)
  4.  You will need your CAP ID, and your completed CAPF 60-80, CAPF 161, and CAPF 160